Complimentary video shorts of classic project management (PM) fundamentals to learn at your own pace. Each of these “beauties” animate concepts using a fake hand writing on a chalkboard. Ken Whitaker posted them so that everybody can view them on the PM Chalkboard® Youtube channel.

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Why do I love the sound effects so much. Just when you think you are falling asleep, something wakes you up. Best requirements video so far. I love the trainer. Kinda reminds me of my personal trainer.

— Nicole M.

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Ken’s video shorts are complementary, funny videos that teach you stuff about project management (usually a pretty boring subject, right?). Topic titles include ‶Procurement Planning Basics,″ ‶Scope Definition the Easy Way,″ ‶Requirements Collecting Techniques,″ and ‶Cost Management Basics.″ Oh yeah, two international universities recommend their students view PM Chalkboard videos—probably as punishment!


Just be aware that a bunch of folks despise the animations and sound effects used in these videos. Here is some unsolicited feedback from viewers:


‶I hate your writing, just like mine.″


‶Great video, but the sounds are pretty annoying.″


‶Nicely explained, thanks.″


‶Horrendous sound effects ;(″


‶What a crock of crap.″


‶Fun video. I would have fallen asleep if it weren’t for the sound effects.″


‶Awesomely funny video ;) thank you so much.″


“Your video lessons are amazing!”



Some comments are good and others are <gasp> not so good. Yet, each video gets tons of views. Go figure.





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