Leading Software Maniacs® (LSM) is a small, but mighty creative business out of the Pacific Northwest (USA). We (OK, it is really just Ken Whitaker!) perform project leadership consulting, software development workshops, technical editing, graphic design/book layout, and cross-platform app development.

Whitaker, Ken. "Managing Software Maniacs." ComputerWorld. Jan 9, 1995

Leading Software Maniacs


TrainingApplying Project Management Principles to Software Development Leadership™


SPRESSO™ APP FAMILYSoftware Tools for Creative Professionals™ 


EDITING & DESIGNApplying Creative Design to Software Graphics Publishing™





NERD HERD GAMEMaking Team Building and Learning Fun™




Ken has written some books, too! They make great gifts for customers, coworkers, or your boss (before pay raise time). Just imagine their excitement and confusion when they receive one of these page-turnin' masterpieces and asks,
"What is this #$%& all about?"

Managing Software Maniacs

This cult classic offers a unique and sometimes humorous guide on what it really takes to manage software development teams (aka, the "nerd herd").

Principles of Software Development Leadership

This visually rich successfully integrates principles outlined in the  PMBOK® Guide with software leadership best-practices (including agility).

I'm Not God, I'm Just a Project Manager!
2nd Edition

Tired of being held accountable for taming a wild crew of technical misfits that must deliver projects on time? This book is exactly what you need.

2nd edition

You'll learn the steps and the mechanics of using Adobe InDesign CC to produce an eBook for Amazon's Kindle. InDesign has become the best single-source, multiple-target publishing choice.




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