Tired of being held accountable for taming a wild crew of technical misfits that must deliver projects on time? This book is exactly what you need.


This is the second edition of this small pocket guide. Sixty pages of great tips and techniques you can put to use immediately.

I’m Not God, I’m Just a Project Manager!

This book is a humorous yet helpful read that covers five of the impossible challenges a project manager must face.

— Jowanna

Does Your Organization Need Help?

There are five real issues that with a little bit of magic can easily be handled. I’ve encountered these situations over twenty-five years as a technology executive.


Each deserves their own chapter:


Chapter 1: I’m No Juggler (What to do about too much multitasking)

Chapter 2: Only Rabbits Like Carrots (Solve the awards versus incentives dilemma)

Chapter 3: I Can’t Schedule What I Don’t Know (How to schedule any project)

Chapter 4: The Customer Is #1, Right? (Create a customer-centric organization)

Chapter 5: Don’t Expect Me to Fix This Team! (Steps to fix a broken team)






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